Please Support Us

Please Support Us

Your contribution will enable us to pay rent and utilities in our current space, and to continue moving forward when allowed.

Your support this past year has been very much appreciated! 

We do hope to see each other again soon, providing the care and relief we so love to do!

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About Us


Antlers and Wings is a Community Space

Antlers and Wings was a community, a space where love resided and like minded people came together to grow and spread their wings. 

As the owner of Antlers and Wings, I truly want to thank you for your presence and visits to the store!

I am not only an energy worker, healer and intuitive guide, I am a facilitator of many on their life path journey and welcome with open arms those that find their way to me.

I will continue on this path, as it is my soul's purpose to assist others in healing and guidance. This I can not deny!


Metaphysical Store

Check back for links to product available online.


Healing Center

Healings are now via distant communication.


Card Readings

Intuitive, psychic readings

Spiritual coaching

Energy healing




  • Antlers and Wings will host Full and New Moon Sound Bath Meditations through the end of May once the CoVid 19 Stay Order has been released. 


For up-to-date information on workshops, events, and announcements