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Clara Moon

Creative Conduit. Multidimensional Visual Artist. Sacred Bodypainting & Body Adornments.  Nutritionist & Plant-Based Enthusiast & Culinary Sorcerer. Birth & Postpartum Doula/ / Femme Empowerment Coach. Conscious Caregiving. Priestess of High Magick. Muse. 


“Clara Moon is an Atlanta native known for creating ‘living canvases’ through the medium of sacred bodypainting. She awakens stars within this ancient art form to empower each muse to step into their divine feminine and

masculine selves. Channeling light language through her signature style of organic

linework style, she oozes magick from her fingertips to her toes. In addition to sacred

bodypainting, she designs warrior-goddess inspired jewelry, headdresses, upcycled

leatherwork and other body adornments to be worn by a ‘living canvas’. Photography

has always been a passion of hers since a young age and loves to capture the essence

of someone’s energy and movement onto the lens. Her photography style is vibrant,

ethereal, and enchanting. In all her creative projects, the aim is to inspire all to radically

express themselves as a living breathing art sculpture.”


Sun in Taurus 

Rising Sagittarius 

Moon in Virgo. 

The day my brother was born from my mother’s womb, I became my mother’s

little helper, a doula. His birth was a catalyst inside my heart that ignited a deep desire to work with expectant mothers and newborns. Over the last 17 years I have been pioneering my way towards a holistic approach to conscious caregiving, serving families, women, and children in my community who need support through life’s transitions. I believe it is essential for us as women to surround ourselves with heart-centered companions through the thresholds of life. For 6 years I worked as a private nanny for two different families. This work experience has taught me to become fluent in time management and organization skills. I believe my greatest strength is remaining calm in the midst of chaos--which is essential when managing a packed schedule with ease & flexibility. I definitely enjoy the art of tidying up because I understand how good it feels to come home to a clean slate. I aim to inspire children to eat healthy whole foods & instill healthy eating behaviors at a young age that will be carried out throughout a lifetime. I am a very creative thinker and crafty person who enjoys teaching children about the fine arts, such as painting, photography, & performance art. While I was studying at Georgia State University, I worked closely with a private chef & dietitian in Atlanta for two years, which led me to create mindful meals for people in need within my community through my private chef work. I specialize in plant-based nutrition & Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten free & other specialized diets.

Ultimately, I believe I am compassionate, creative and health conscious caregiver who nourishes others through all my mediums of heartwork. 

My Favorite Things: 

Book is Sacred Woman. Scent is Eucalyptus. Crystal is Labradorite. Elixir is Matcha Green Tea. My spirit animal is an owl. And my favorite emoji is a dolphin splashing water. 


Amanda Martins

Amanda Martins
aka “The Pigment Fairy”

Amanda Martins is a local artist inspired by love, nature, and the human experience. Amanda grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga, watching and learning from her grandmother, “Nita,” who created colorful characters and wood crafts loved by the community. Spending time with her grandmother in the smoky environment of the farmhouse kitchen, quietly painting and musing, laid the foundation for the artist growing inside. Amanda gives full credit to her muse, and refers to her as “The Pigment Fairy.”

Each canvas created by The Pigment Fairy holds a unique story and a mix of emotions waiting to unfold with each viewing experience. Starting out with a basic spectrum of acrylics, The Pigment Fairy mixes until she finds peace within the color on her palette before any element is
added to the canvas. Each piece is filled with various textures and elements of mixed media, and then finished off with her signature fairy dust as a message of happiness and hope.

Eazie Peazie Naturals

Koby Gillam

My name is Koby Gillam and I am the owner of Eazie Peazie Naturals. I created Eazie Peazie Naturals for my own skincare needs. Tired of using ointments  for eczema, I created my soaps, lotions, body butters, and oils to help in a more natural way. My goal is to create natural skincare for anyone that wants to live a more natural lifestyle, regardless of skincare concerns.