End of summer special! 10% off healing sessions until Autumn Equinox; September 21st.

Event List

  • ODD BALL in the Old Depot Decatur District; September 7th raffle, discounts, and more, live music 7:30 - 9:30
  • Medicine Drumming Wheel Week 1; September 12 7-9:30 on-going weekly
  • Balancing Mindfulness with City Livin; September 20, 7-9 followed by Live Music Patio
  • Fall Equinox Celebration September 21; full event schedule TBD; 

10:00 Guided Meditation with Vibration Sound Therapy w Kristen Dawn

11:00-1:30 Fall Equinox Group Channel with Shelly

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Kristen Dawn Intuitive Processing

Irene Cunnane Medium

..and more

  • Candle Making with the Intention of LOVE; September 22, 2-4

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Medicine Drumming Circle

Weekly Drumming Circle


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Join us every Thursday in creating sacred space around the medicine drum circle. 

Beginning September 12th 7:00 - 9:30, weekly on Thursdays

Our focus will be on connecting with spirit and each other in an intimate setting, in ways that promote healing and community with intention and direction, while learning the basics of Shamanic drumming. 

Scott Buck will be facilitating this ritual practice using simple and repetitive rhythms which are considered a form of prayer or as a method of spiritual practice and trance induction rather than musical entertainment. 

Kristen Dawn will be leading in a guided meditation to enhance the journey through the rhythm of the drum

Musical experience is minimal in this type of drumming circle in which the groups focus is on spiritual intention, community and the energy of what is being played.

We will be developing key drumming skills such as rhythm, tempo, ensemble playing and therapeutic drumming. 

The medicine drum, sometimes called the shamans horse provides a relatively easy means of journeying within and serves as a vehicle enabling us to enter a subtle Theta brain wave trance like state.

This coming together will support and build community through rhythm, promote understanding of the medicine drum and foster authentic connections and relationships. 

Some instruments will be provided. Please feel free to bring a medicine, buffalo or frame drum of your own if you like. We will be seated on the floor, some pillows will be provided. Please bring a pillow, backjack chair or mat.

Scott Buck is a musician with over 45 years experience in sacred sound practices and performance arts.

*$25 price is per session, prepay for 4-weeks $90 on day of attendance.


Balancing Mindfulness with City Livin


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Join Kristen September 20, 7:00 - 9:00 for a night of centering yourself in a sea of city livin madness. We'll play show and tell in the store, cuz that's my favorite thing to do! Talk about how to manage life, read some cards together and go for a walk grounding ourselves with Gaia herself. Then finish it off with live music on the patio!


Mala Bead Class


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Make a string of Mala Beads! Featuring Venus of Artzy Beads

Materials provided
All natural stones
Pictured is an example of one for sale here at Antlers and Wings; GORGEOUS! Yours will be of your creation, just as it should be!
*Must pre-register